IDrive –


IDrive is an online backup service founded in 1995 that lets you make backup of your device on its servers. IDrive is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

You can install the IDrive client on your desired platform and once installed, you can select the files and folders that are to be backed up on the servers at a user-specified time, mostly when the device is idle.

IDrive uses the incremental and compressed backup system which only uploads the modified portions of the files and with compressed backups, the uploading time decreases and files are uploaded faster. To decrease the burden on the internet connection, users have the ability to limit bandwidth usage during the backup process.

Its continuous backup feature lets you update the files on the cloud server in real-time as you modify them, so your backup is always up to date and if some sort of mishap occurs, then you can restore from the latest backup retaining all of your modifications. Files can also be shared through email, social media websites, and shareable public links.

IDrive uses 256-bit AES encryption and all of the data is encrypted on the client’s side with an option for a private key to protect your files and folders. IDrive also has reports feature which provides you detailed reports on account activity, backup status, and shared files.

IDrive supports unlimited devices and you can back up the data from all of your different devices into one single account. You can also Sync files across different devices and as soon as you sync, the files start to appear across other devices.

Files and data can be restored through any web browser or through the IDrive dedicated application. If you want then IDrive also offers to ship, to your address, all of the backup files in a Portal USB Hard Drive which has a storage of 3 TB.