Backblaze –


Backblaze is a cloud storage and backup service provider that allows users to backup their data automatically, manually, during computer idle time, or on an hourly schedule. Backblaze uses AES 256 bit encryption to secure the whole process and uses compression of files and bandwidth optimization to reduce upload and download time.

You get unlimited cloud backup for your Mac or Windows PC and can make the backup at any time you want to and if you were to save your data offline then you can order for a USB Drive delivered to you at your doorstep. External Hard Drive can be up to 8 TB and the USB Flash Drive can be up to 256 GB.

For businesses and companies, Backblaze has a Business Backup option available to ensure that the data of your company is backed up securely on the cloud servers and in case something goes wrong, you can also restore from the backups. You can either choose the plan that supports the backup of a whole PC or a specific amount of storage space on which you can backup files as you want.

Backblaze’s B2 Cloud Storage offers cloud storage space where you can easily store your data in its scalable cloud servers. Backblaze has free storage to offer for new users and also paid plans too if you’re interested.

B2 Cloud Storage competes with other popular cloud services like Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure and is on par with these popular cloud services. Backblaze operates through four of its data centers, three of which are located in the United States while the other being located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Backblaze claims to have over 800 Petabytes stored on their servers and over 45 billion have been recovered through their cloud services. Backblaze has also won many awards, including #1 Cloud Backup Service by many websites and is also included in 500 fastest growing technology companies.