Acronis –


Acronis is a global tech company that mainly focuses on providing backup software, disaster recovery, and secure data access for consumers and small-mid sized enterprises.

Acronis has a list of different softwares available, each of which performs a particular function, but the main offering of Acronis is backup and it provides physical, virtual, and cloud server backup software through which you can make a backup of your data in different ways.

Acronis can make backups of PCs xwith the complete cyber protection that safeguards all of your data and protects your data against ransomware and cryptojacking. Acronis is accessible from anywhere and you can retrieve and restore any file from the cloud server anytime, on any device.

There is also an option available to back up your data locally, while simultaneously backing it up on the cloud. So, you have always got a second secure copy available. You can also keep track of the backups and monitor their status with push notifications.

You can also set the time for when the backups should be made, so whilst you’re not using your device, Acronis can do its job and make a backup. If you want to avoid making backups on public connections that may put your data at risk, you can select the networks on which the backup should be made.

Acronis has won many awards and honors for being a great service to provide backup solutions to consumers and businesses. It had won over 100 awards from different companies from all over the world including the 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions.