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1Password is a popular password manager that provides a secure place for users to store their different passwords. Not only can the users store their passwords, but they can also store other sensitive information inside their personal vault such as software licenses, documents, etc and the vault is protected by a master password.

The vault that users get with the premium subscription is stored on the company’s servers and is fully encrypted. It can also be configured to synchronize password files through Dropbox, 1Password.com, Wi-Fi, and iCloud (macOS and iOS only). Through the Sync feature, all the passwords and data that is saved on one device are synced across all the devices logged in with the same account.

There is also an option to create and manage multiple vaults which can help you store password and information about multiple identities. 1Password has a special Travel Mode feature that allows the users to filter any password entries which are tagged as not safe for travel from the local storage of a device. This would remove the tagged passwords from that device and no one will be able to find those passwords even if you were forced to unlock the vault.

1Password also has a dedicated browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. The extension can save logins for websites, fill in the saved login data automatically, and generate random passwords for new accounts. It also has a standalone extension, 1Password X which is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera and works without the desktop app.

Being one of the bests in the market, 1Password has received numerous awards for being an outstanding password manager from many top websites including the Best Password Manager from WIRED.